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Tel: +248 4266923 | Mob: +248 2510923

  • In addition to Standard car hire services, Nelson’s Car Hire provides its clients with 24-hour reservation, delivery and breakdown support.
  • Nelson’s Car Hire also offers chauffeur-driven service. The drivers/chauffeurs are local employees who are well versed with the road and knowledgeable on key touristic attractions.
  • All Nelson’s Car Hire vehicles undergo regular service checks and maintenance before and after every rental. The service checks and maintenance work are done at Nelson’s Car Hire‘s own maintenance garage-this ensures that our clients get reliable, roadworthy and satisfactory services.
  • Choose Nelson’s Car Hire– for skilled and satisfied services
  • Please call us or email us. Our contact details are:
  • Telephone: Office: +248 4266923 or mobile: +248 2510923. You can also email us at
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